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Winterport Union Meeting House

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Project Details

Location Winterport, Maine
Project Cost Under Budget
Owner Winterport Union Meeting House Corporation
Architect None
Delivery Model CM@Risk

Like many historic structures, the Winterport Union Meeting House suffered from deferred maintenance. Over time, water intrusion caused structural damage to the steeple and lack of ventilation led to dry rot in the floor joists. In the summer of 2006, the building was declared unsafe for public use. This determination placed a fundraising concert in jeopardy.

Nickerson & O’Day, in just four days, worked ceaselessly in an emergency effort to replace or reinforce the crawl space support posts and the floor joist/beams to carry the floor load and make the building safe for the concert. After the concert, the major structural problems in the steeple and the front of the building (toward Main Street) had to be addressed.

It was noted that the main window on Main Street was under pressure from the gravity loads above and bowed about three inches out of plane-near collapse. Many of the support columns and cross beams supporting them in the steeple were badly decayed and settling, causing the structure to lean to the south. Many of the support beams were replaced or reinforced and I-beams were placed in the steeple to ensure the structural integrity of the church for generations to come.

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