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Bangor Waterworks

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Project Details

Location Bangor, Maine
Project Cost $6.8 Million
Owner Waterworks Development, LLC
Architect WBRC Architects/Engineers
Delivery Model Negotiated, Time & Materials

Originally constructed in 1875, the Bangor Waterworks building once housed the water filtration system for the City of Bangor and later was converted into a hydroelectric power generating facility. The facility remained empty for 40 years.

This century old historical complex now offers 35 residential efficiency apartments for homeless teens, as well as on-site support services.

One of the treasures of the Waterworks complex is the Deane pump, a massive black cast-iron structure that has been restored and displayed in the central common area and can be viewed from both the ground floor and the mezzanine level above it.

Efforts to stabilize the usable structures and raise the floor level above the 100 year flood flood plain mark required 3,000 yards of concrete. The crumbling facade, roofing and deteriorating wood all had to be replaced.

Once frightening enough to be featured in the Stephen King film “Graveyard Shift”, the Bangor Waterworks is now a shining example of sustainability through the recycling of older, unused buildings.

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