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December 9, 2022

Please join us in congratulating Ignite Presque Isle, community members, and hotel guests as they cut the ribbon on their newly renovated space. Some of the renovated areas include Rodney’s, a restaurant named in honor of Mary Smith’s late husband, and a new state-of-the-art Innovation Center.

Rodney’s Restaurant renovations also extended into the commercial kitchen and included adding new workstations and prep areas.

The Innovation Center will open in early January 2023 and will serve as a hub for entrepreneurs that require 24/7 access to work space. For more than 90 years The Northeastland has played an important role in the community, many senior proms and weddings were held here. As times have changed the hotel has been forced to adapt. Ignite P.I. hopes that their substantial investment in modernizing the hotel will attract fresh businesses and customers to downtown Presque Isle, an area that previously would have been passed by.

Check out the recent news as Phase I comes to a close. Negotiations are already underway for Phase II. The second phase will involve renovating the 50 hotel guest rooms. Check back soon for more updates on this important project, located in the heart of The Star City.

Presque Isle hotel reopens after $7M investment