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Work continues on the new $2.5M Husson Student Wellness Center, the latest Nickerson & O'Day, Inc. addition to this ever-growing campus! Our framing crews are doing a great job despite the tough weather!

It was great to return to the wonderful Downeast Community Hospital where we presented a $6,000.00 check as part of our continuing pledge to support this important healthcare resource! Here is Karl Ward presenting the gift to DECH CEO Steve Lail inside the Pediatric Treatment Room which we built as part of a recently-completed $5M Emergency Department Addition there. Some tremendously dedicated Downeasters doing great work!

BREWER (NEWS CENTER Maine) – The OHI Brewer Food Pantry receives a literal truckload of food supplies days before Thanksgiving. The Brewer-based construction company Nickerson & O’Day delivered the items on Tuesday, November 20. This marks the sixth year in a row Nickerson and O’Day has delivered a truck full of supplies.

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BREWER, Maine. (WABI) - Local contractor Nickerson and O' Day had a special delivery for the Brewer Food Pantry Wednesday. A dump truck full of food and supplies.


On November 21, for the 6th straight year Nickerson & O’Day was excited to make our donation by delivering a truckload of food/essential items (1,129.17 pounds worth!) to the OHI Brewer Food Pantry on Main Street in Brewer. It's a pleasure to help families in need in time for Thanksgiving!

NEWPORT, Maine (WABI) A banner hanging ceremony was held Wednesday at the site of the new Nokomis Middle and High School in Newport. Students signed the banner and then it was raised.


NEWPORT (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Wednesday was banner raising day at the new Nokomis Middle/High School.

On November 14, we welcomed 70 students, teachers, staff and administrators inside of café of the new 50 million-dollar Nokomis High School and Middle School to watch a one-of-a-kind Banner Hanging Ceremony take place!

John Bapst thrives and grows in no small part through the support of our family and friends. At the John Bapst Senior Night Football Game on October 5, the generosity of Nickerson & O'Day, Inc. was recognized.

On Wednesday, August 15th at Speedway 95 the Jason and Jarryd Tracy tribute car made its debut during the Wacky Wednesday Enduro race. The car was built by the Tracy family in honor of their son and past Nickerson & O'Day employee, Jason Tracy, and grandson Jarryd. The car was driven by experienced driver Duane Dunifer, a close friend of the Tracy family. When the dust settled, the team finished 7th after starting 25th out of 26.

Special thanks to the Tracy family for displaying the Nickerson & O'Day logo on the car - we are honored and humbled by this gesture!

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