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John Bapst is once again adding a new addition to their facility. Nickerson and O'Day broke ground on Thursday, 10/31/19, to add a new 3.8 million dollar-12,000 SF practice gymnasium and fitness center. The new addition will offer a new, full court basketball gym and improved aerobic/weight training facility which is set to open just in time for the students in the fall of 2020.

John Bapst

Work continues at a fevered pace at our $51M Nokomis Junior/Senior High School project in Newport! We turned over the Junior High half of the building in August, just in time for the students, and the High School portion will be winding down in time for Varsity basketball games and the Annual Christmas Show! Classes will begin after the ribbon is cut in early December!

102119 Nokomis Junior/Senior High School pic 1
102119 Nokomis Junior/Senior High School pic 2
102119 Nokomis Junior/Senior High School pic 3
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Work continues on our $2M Addition and Renovation to the Millinocket Memorial Library - built by us in 1963 and dedicated a week before I was born! Yesterday, we poured and pumped concrete foundations for the addition, all while renovations continue inside! Stay tuned for a Spring, 2020 unveiling!

10.15.19 Millinocket Memorial Library pic 1
10.15.19 Millinocket Memorial Library pic 2
10.15.19 Millinocket Memorial Library pic 3
10.15.19 Millinocket Memorial Library pic 4

Nickerson & O'Day took part in welcoming a new era of experiential learning Monday with Husson University's brand-new Wellness Center. The $4 Million-dollar project, led by Superintendent Bruce Morgan and Vice President Wade Poulton was completed on time and under budget with cost savings to be returned to Husson University. Nickerson & O'Day is proud to have taken part in building a better tomorrow by building a state of the art learning facility for students in the medical field.

July 28, 2019

We are at light speed to complete the first phase of the new $55M Nokomis Middle - High School in Newport! Each day, 150-200 skilled Maine craftsmen help the massive surge in construction, with a late August scheduled completion! The second phase is due in December!

07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic1
07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic13
07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic2
07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic3
07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic4
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07.29.19 Nokomis Update pic17
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July 28, 2019-
This past week, we began the $1.7M Addition and Renovation of the Millinocket Memorial Library! This 9-month effort will make significant upgrades to the structure, accessibility, architecture and function of this important piece of the Katahdin Region.
We built the original library in 1963. We have found lumber in the attic which still bears our name...56 years later!

07.29.19 Millinocker Memorial Library pic4 1
07.29.19 Millinocker Memorial Library pic3 1
07.29.19 Millinocker Memorial Library pic1 1
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July 21, 2019
In the summer of 1968, we completed the new Penquis Valley High School, combining schools in Brownville Junction and Milo. Now, we are back for some badly needed upgrades - including a new, 2-stop elevator for better access and handicapped accessibility.
Another NO'D creation, revisited 51 years later!

Penquis Valley High School
Penquis Valley High School
Penquis Valley High School

July 21, 2019-

Progress continues at our $2M Eastside Rehabilitation Facility Addition and Renovation project on Mt. Hope Avenue in Bangor. This much-needed, 6-phase, active-facility effort includes a new building entrance addition, a complete renovation and a new parking lot and should be complete Spring, 2020!

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18 years ago, we were low bid on the Sebasticook Middle School in Newport- which today would be $15M school. Lee Bryant Sr. finished it as Superintendent. Today, we were re-hired to begin renovations to this building. Our Superintendent? The son of the original builder, Leroy Bryant JUNIOR… who was a toddler when we cut the original ribbon in 2002.

As spring finally arrives, work progress is surging at our 216,000-sf new Nokomis High School and Middle School in Newport! We open the middle school portion in August and the high School in December! Awesome work done by a 100% Maine construction team!

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